Needles/Syringes and Lancets

City of Chino SHARPS by Mail Program

Thousands of needles are dangerously thrown into the trash every day. Disposing of needles/syringes and lancets pose a serious health risk to sanitation workers, children, neighbors, pets and the community. Used needles and lancets are dangerous because they can injure people and spread diseases such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. In response to the potential hazard, the City of Chino and Waste Management have implemented a convenient SHARPS mail back disposal program.

SHARPS Disposal by Mail System consists of:

     1. Specifically designed SHARPS container
     2. Pre-paid shipping box
     3. Instructions for use

To participate in the program, please call Waste Management at (800) 423-9986 to order your kit. The first container is free, all others have a $5 co-pay. 

County of San Bernardino Home-Generated SHARPS Program

The following local Household Hazardous Waste  (HHW) Collection Facilities accept home-generated SHARPS in approved containers from San Bernardino County residents only. 

1430 S. Cucamonga Street
Ontario, CA 91761
Friday & Saturday, 9AM to 2PM

San Bernardino, CA 92408
San Bernardino International Airport
2824 East "W" Street
Monday - Friday, 9AM to 2PM

Replacement containers are available at these facilities.

Call 1-800-OILY-CAT (645-9228) for updated information on the proper disposal of home-generated SHARPS.

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