Zone Change


A Zone Change is a request by the City or an individual who may wish to change a zone on a parcel of land. Since a Zone Change is required by law to be consistent with the General Plan, many times it may also require a General Plan Amendment. A Zone Change modifies the land use district of a specific parcel to allow development on that land that would not be permitted under its existing zoning designation. Another type of zone change is a modification to a development standard, an allowed use, or other text in the Municipal Code. This would require a Zoning Ordinance Amendment (ZOA), which would change that standard city-wide. Both types of zone changes must follow the same process as described below.

How do I begin the Zone Change process?
In order to begin the Zone Change process, you must complete a Legislative Action Application and submit it along with all required information as indicated in the Minimum Required Information Checklist and pay all applicable fees to the Planning Division. The day of submission will determine possible Development Review Committee and future Planning Commission and City Council agenda dates.

What type of hearing is required for a Zone Change?
A Zone Change request must, at a minimum, be reviewed by the Planning Commission at a public hearing and reviewed by the City Council at two consecutive public hearings. In addition to the public hearings, based on the extent of the proposal, a neighborhood meeting may be required, which would take place prior to the Planning Commission hearing.

What is the review process for a Zone Change?

  1. Talk to a planner to obtain information and an application.
  2. Submit completed application.
  3. Planning staff review.
  4. Development Review Committee reviews project with applicant.
  5. Application completeness and level of environmental review is determined.
  6. Notice of public hearing is advertised and posted.
  7. Staff makes a recommendation/decision.
  8. The Planning Commission public hearing takes place.
  9. Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the City Council.
  10. The City Council public hearing takes place.

Are there submittal deadlines for a Zone Change application?
Filing deadlines for project submittal occur every two weeks. For a list of submittal deadline dates, see the Project Review Calendar.

What is the filing fee for a Zone Change application?
Please click here to view the current fee schedule.

How long is the Zone Change review process?
Zone Changes usually take 12 to 16 weeks to review. The length of time to process an application could exceed 16 weeks depending on the extent of the proposal.

Is there an appeal procedure for the Zone Change review?
Since the City Council is the final approval body for zone changes, there are no appeal procedures. The decision of the City Council is final.

Filing and payment of a Zone Change for processing does not guarantee approval.