Home Improvement Construction Responsibilities


Parties involved in a building project typically have roles and responsibilities related to the permit and inspection process after the project has been approved by the Planning/Code Enforcement Division or the Planning Commission or both.

Homeowner Responsibilities
When a contractor performs work for a homeowner the homeowner should ensure that the following is completed.

Confirm with all persons performing work on your property that all required zoning and building permits have been obtained from the City before starting work. Confirm that the contractor(s) you select have the appropriate state and city licenses and worker’s compensation insurance. Continue your responsibility for complying with building codes, regulations, City ordinances and building use even after the project has been completed. Confirm that all necessary inspections, especially the Final Inspection, are requested and made and that the Inspection Approval Card is signed by the City Building Inspector. On some projects the contractor may place the responsibility of the Final Inspection with the owner. This may occur because the final inspection must be set up after the contractor has left the job or because the final inspection must be made at the convenience of the owner.

Owner/Builder Responsibilities
These are the same as those listed above for the owner. When the owner is acting as the contractor, however, the owner must obtain all permits, call for all required inspections and be responsible for all work performed. Acting as the general contractor the owner/builder is responsible for all persons working on the project and must provide worker’s compensation insurance for them unless they are acting as sub-contractors and provide their own Worker’s Compensation Insurance