Outdoor Storage / Nuisance Waste


Outdoor Storage

In residential zones, outside storage refers to the storage of those items typically found in a residential setting, such as RVs, refuse containers, home furnishings, gardening, home maintenance equipment and supplies, canopies, and the like.

Because outdoor storage can detract from the appearance of individual properties as well as the entire neighborhood, the City of Chino does not permit outdoor storage within public view, unless specifically permitted by City code.

For the outdoor storage of RVs and refuse containers, please click on the respective links for additional information and requirements. Canopies, portable garages, and portable carports are not permitted within the front or side yards, or driveway areas.

Sheds may be placed on individual properties for the storage of household items, however, outdoor storage requirements may apply. Information regarding the permitted size, location, and placement of storage sheds can be obtained by calling the Planning Division at (909) 334-3253 or by visiting their website by clicking here.

Solid Waste/Nuisance Waste

The accumulation or storage in public view of any type of trash, debris, yard clippings, furniture, salvage material, appliances, tools, machinery, lumber, etc., for more than 7 days, is prohibited, however such items may be stored on your property out of public view so long as it does not create a nuisance, or is allowed to collect to such an extent as to provide harborage for rats, rodents, and other pests.

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