Home Occupations


The use of your home as an office for your business is considered a Home Occupation and is prohibited unless you meet certain conditions and obtain a Home Occupation Permit and City of Chino Business License for the use.

In order to maintain the residential character the neighborhoods, there are specific requirements about how a business can be operated from a residential property. Generally, a home occupation permit is not required for in-home educational activities such as music lessons, academic tutoring or religious instruction to not more than five students at any one time; however, specific home occupation operating standards must be complied with.

Uses that are not considered suitable for a home occupation permit include gun and/or ammunition sales, barber and beauty shops, pet grooming, medical and dental offices, clinics, or laboratories, repair or plumbing shops, storage of materials or equipment to the construction or service trades, motor vehicle repair or painting, and welding or machining activities.

For information about obtaining a Home Occupation Permit, please call the Planning Division at (909) 334-3253 or visit their website by clicking here.

For additional information on obtaining a City of Chino business license, please call the City’s Business Licensing Division at (909) 334-3263 or visit their website by clicking here.