Commercial Vehicles


Generally, except for the delivery of goods, commercial trucks are prohibited from being parked, stored, garaged, or maintained on any public street or private property within a residential zone. This requirement helps to protect the health, safety and appearance of residential neighborhoods. (CMC 8.50.040.D.1)

What is a commercial vehicle?
A commercial vehicle is defined as a vehicle of a type required to be registered under the Vehicle Code as a commercial vehicle; and is

(a) designed, used or maintained for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation, or profit; or

(b) designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of property; or

(c) used on a regular basis as part of an ongoing business endeavor.

Additional commercial vehicle definitions and requirements can be found within the Chino Municipal Code as follows: CMC 10.30.020 and CMC 10.30.030.