Signs & Banners


Permanent Signs

The City of Chino has adopted a comprehensive sign ordinance with the goal of creating an aesthetic, functional and vibrant environment that provides public convenience, is supportive of the local business community, and promotes public welfare through traffic safety and blight prevention. The ordinance imposes reasonable standards on the number, size, height and location of signs and thereby prevents and relieves the needless distraction and aesthetic clutter that results from excessive and inconsistent sign displays. For additional information about the City of Chino Sign Ordinance, please call the Planning Division at (909) 334-3253 or visit their webpage by clicking here.

Temporary Banners

To assist local businesses and community groups in promoting special events (grand openings, sidewalk/parking lot sales, carnivals, concerts, etc.), the City of Chino permits the posting of various temporary promotional signs and banners subject to the receipt of a no-cost, over-the-counter temporary sign permit. Banners without a valid Temporary Sign Permit or with an expired Temporary Sign Permit are subject to an administrative fine. For additional information about the City’s Temporary Sign program, please visit the Planning Division Sign Permit webpage or call (909) 334-3253.