Mayor's Message


Eunice M. Ulloa

Welcome to the City of Chino's website! I am honored to have been elected as your Mayor during the 2016Council Member Eunice Ulloa election. It is a privilege to serve such a wonderful, traditional and welcoming city. During my 30 years as a member of the City Council, I've continually heard from residents and visitors about how special this community is to them. I truly believe it's the people; you, me, my fellow Council members, business members and all residents that have made Chino a top 100 community for youth year after year.     

Stay tuned and be sure to follow the city on social media for upcoming events, insightful news and community awards!

The most pressing news to share this season is the Water Facilities Authority (WFA) temporary water plant shutdown.  

The Water Facilities Authority will undergo a regional imported water treatment plant shutdown beginning December 19, 2016. Each of the Authority’s five member agencies, the cities of Chino, Chino Hills, Ontario, Upland, and Monte Vista Water District, plan to meet their demands during the shutdowns due in part to current efficient water use habits and past investments in local water supplies. 

The extended shutdown is expected to occur over a 3 ½ month period, from approximately December 19, 2016 through March 31, 2017. This longer shutdown will allow the Authority to perform necessary and extensive treatment plant repairs and upgrades, including concrete channel rehabilitation and reservoir repairs. 

Five Facts about the temporary plant shutdown:

  • Chino residents will have water

  • Water quality will not be affected

  • WFA treatment plant supplies 1/3 of Chino's water

  • A slight decrease in water pressure is likely

  • Continue to CONSERVE Water.  For conservation information, please visit the city water conservation page.  Additionally, water restrictions are remain in effect throughout the year. 

I am proud of our water conservation efforts and urge you to make water conservation a way of life.

Save Our Water





In community spirit,

Eunice M. Ulloa