Voting Districts


The City of Chino is geographically divided into four voting districts. Voters from each District elect one City Council Member to represent the residents who live in that District. The Mayor is elected by all voting residents of the community and is a representative at large. 

For the exact location/boundary of your City Council District:




On December 16, 2015, the City received a letter asserting the City’s "at-large" electoral system, violates the California Voting Rights Act.  This letter threatened litigation if the City declined to adopt a "by-district" ordinance for use in the November 2016 elections and thereafter. Consequently, on March 18, 2016, the City Council held a special meeting to discuss the City’s electoral system. City Council concluded that the public interest would be better served by transitioning to "by-district" elections in time for the November 2016 City Council elections.

It is important to note, the December 2015 letter was not accompanied by any evidence to support the claim of a violation, however, the threat of a costly lawsuit outweighs the risk of deferring a"by-district" electoral system.



​Demand Letter from the Law Offices of Shenkman and Hughes 

Open Letter to the Community from Mayor Dennis Yates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Transition Timeline

Council Actions

Proposed District Maps

Introduced at the April 20, 2016 Special City Council Meeting:

Four District Draft Map Option 4-1

Four District Draft Map Option 4-2

Six District Draft Map Option 6-1

Six District Draft Map Option 6-2

Introduced at the May 4, 2016 Special City Council Meeting:

Four District Draft Map Option 4-1b

Four District Draft Map Option 4-2b

Six District Draft Map Option 6-1b

 Introduced at the May 17, 2016 City Council Meeting:

"Council's Preferred Map"

June 7, 2016, City Council Adopts Council District Map 

Council Districts Map

To find out what voting district you reside, please view the interactive map.

Your feedback is encouraged as we implement a "by-district" electoral system. For additional information or to provide comments, please email,