Contract Services


The City of Chino contracts with the Chino Valley Independent Fire District (CVIFD) who provides contracted fire servics to the cities of Chino and Chino Hills.

CVIFD is known for the delivery of high-quality emergency services to the Chino Valley including emergency medical and paramedic services, hazardous materials response and urban search and rescue services.

Additionally, since 1981, the City of Chino has contracted with the Inland Valley Humane Society for all animal care support. Beyond providing a wide range of services benefiting the health and safety of animals and Chino residents, the Inland Valley Humane Society also administers the Chino Municipal Code as it relates to local ordinances including licensing and vaccination requirements. Provided below are the current requirements for licensing and vaccinations as well as a link to City Council Resolution No. 2016-079 which presents the City’s current license fee schedule:

Licensing/Vaccination Requirements – Per Chino Municipal Code Section 6.08.020, Each dog, over the age of four months, harbored within the city shall be vaccinated for rabies and licensed. The owner or harborer of such dog shall be required to present to the enforcing officer, upon request, a valid license and vaccination certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian

Resolution No. 2016-079

For more information on services provided by the Inland Valley Humane Society, please feel free to contact them directly at (909) 623-9777.