Green Waste Recycling


Viramontes/Red Star is located on the west side of Hellman Avenue south of Chino-Corona Road in The Preserve Specific Plan area.  Viramontes/Red Star is the City of Chino's green waste processor. All residential green waste collected curbside is processed and made into a marketable soil conditioner specifically blended for Chino soil.

After the City’s annexation of The Preserve, Viramontes Express leased a portion of the Red Star facility. They operate a green waste/chipping facility and their product is sold to Red Star for use in the mixing and bagging operation of cow/steer manure. San Bernardino County Environmental Health Services Department (EHS) regulates Red Star and Viramontes’ operations.

Currently, most green waste generated throughout the county is processed and taken to the landfill and used for alternative daily cover (ADC). Jurisdictions may count ADC as diversion on their Annual Report, but there is pending legislation and talk at the State level, which will not allow diversion credit for ADC, forcing localities to find a more beneficial use for their green waste material. 

The City of Chino and Viramontes/Red Star is "Closing the Loop" by keeping Chino's waste in Chino by producing a high quality soil amendment and mulch for Chino residents.

For more information, please call Viramontes Express at (909) 597-7232 for hours of operations.